Hello from Handld.

Thank you so much for visiting and checking us out! We are beyond grateful to be considered in being the service you choose to put together a piece of your home.

Services built on passion and integrity

We take being invited into your home very seriously. Our Handlr’s are all well informed and trained on the importance of maintaining a professional and respectful presence.

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What drives us

Providing Value, Connecting Communities, Creating Opportunities

Providing Value

Our most important key benefit we can provide our customers is time. There are so many cool and exciting things to do in this city. Assembling furniture is not one of them. Leave that to us.

Connecting Communities

One of the results of living in a vibrant, modern, upbeat city is that it attracts many talented and capable people. We are all neighbours and all value being a part of a thriving, warm, friendly community.

We connect these people with skills and capabilities, to people who are in need of their services; in the safest, most cost efficient way possible.

Providing Opportunities

A source of secondary income is empowering. Having the ability to earn an additional income to make life more comfortable, is a certain way to get the most out of life.

We're looking for Handlrs!

Our Handlr recruitment window is currently OPEN. We carefully moderate how many Handlr’s are active at a time. This is to help ensure our trusted Handlrs are able to accept as many jobs as they are willing and able.

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