• From the very beginning Handld has been fortunate to have both amazing Clients and Handlr's; who are most often both part of the same community. The Community Spirit is the foundational principle for Handld in making meaningful connections; whether it's client - to - Handlr for a service to be delivered, or neighbor - to - neighbor in helping to build a lasting positive impact within our communities. Meaningful connections are a core value in Handld services and community initiatives.

    In October 2020 Handld organized it's first community initiative. With the profits from June to October, items for bag lunches and warm articles of clothing were purchased. Each bag had a label on it with a message of hope written on it by members of the community who signed up to participate. The bags were delivered to people experiencing homelessness at Allan Lamport Stadium in Liberty Village, downtown Toronto.

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Furniture Assembly

Christmas 2020 was unlike any other most of us have ever experienced before, and it was an especially challenging time for our seniors in Long Term Care (LTC) homes.

Handld partnered with three Toronto LTC homes, Seven Oaks, Kipling Acres, and Carefree Lodge; to send their residents a personalized Christmas message. Each home sent us an information card with each resident’s likes and interests. Then we matched each card to a member of the community who signed up to send a Christmas video message.