Frequently Asked Questions



For Handlrs

  • When do we get paid?

    Payout is sent as soon as the job has been completed. No processing times or delays. Receive payout right away.

  • Can anyone become a Handlr?

    All Handlr's have to successfully complete a vetting process complete with reference checks and police background check. Individuals who are capablereliable, and personable have the most success on the platform as a Handlr; in earned income, and enjoying the work environment.




For Customers

  • Do I pay the Handlr?

    No, there is no exchange of money between you the client, and the Handlr. You are sent an email through the WAVE accounting platform with a secure link, where payment can be made by bank ETF or credit card.

  • Are Handlr's insured?

    Yes, all Handlr's are insured.

  • How much is the service?

    Because clients have different requirements and requests in each specific job, after the service details are inputted a prompt quote is drafted and sent. When the client approves the quote, booking confirmation with job details are sent to the responding Handlr.

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